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What about Big Brother US Season 19 with Twist and Turn

What is reality of today’s life people hide lots of feeling inside and they shows something else to outside world.but it is very complicated to tell about the person that is celebrities because the work under camera,so here is the show Big Brother that reveals lots of secret.

Big Brother is a TV reality show of America. The concept of this show was taken by Netherlands series of the same name. Julie Chen is hosting this show and it is produced by Endemol Shine North America. The prize of this show is $500,000 that may be vary according to show’s requirement and will be given to one finalist that will be chosen by the audience poll. The show format is like that all the contestants have to live together in the same house and they are not allowed to go out and they have to do their house chores their selves. and every week contestant has to face eviction and few will remain safe by getting the immunity.

The interesting fact about this show is that all contestants will remain under the surveillance of camera 24 *7 very few 1 or 2 spaces will be there in big brother house where there will be no camera. Actually by this show tinsel celebrities real personality will be come out as the day will pass. With passing of every day new twist and turn will be revealed. During this shows the audience will vote for their favorite House Guest of their choice to secretly enter a room. The house guest will also reveal some secrets and will be have a special power.

This show will be starting with sixteen contestant means to say all sixteen contestants will be entered together in a house and one by one they will get eviction and at the end of the day only three will be finalist and only one will be the winner of the show. This  Big Brother Show has good TRP and like with those people who have their eyes on celebrity news. So this is a chance to know about your favourite contestant inner personalities. If you have skipped this season, few episodes or want to watch from first episodes then you can watch it at


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